Course Duration & Fees



  • Enrolment Fees $200 (Non refundable)
  • SIBN College reserves the right to vary Tuition Fees and/or Materials Fees at anytime without prior notice. For refund arrangement, please read SIBN College Refund Policy for further details.

Refund Policy

  1. The Applicant confirms that all the information provided in this application is complete and correct.

  2. The Applicant agrees to be bound by SIBN rules and regulations in force from time to time and otherwise to follow acceptable codes of behaviour, attendance and academic performance and show a concern for other students.

  3. All fees and charges must be paid in full prior to course commencement unless a “payment plan” is arranged with SIBN. Student tuition fees are safeguarded through the use of insurance and assurance schemes mandated by Australian Legislation.

  4. Refund applications must be complete refund application form and submit to SIBN. Refunds will be refunded within 28 days of receipt of a refund application form and will include a statement explaining how the refund was calculated.

  5. Tuition Fee & Material fee

    Visa refused Refund of tuition fees less A$250 Admin.
    Processing fee 100% refund of material fees
    Withdrawal notified in writing and received by SIBN 28 days or more prior to course commencement 70% refund of tuition fees
    100% refund of material fees
    Withdrawal notified in writing and received by SIBN less than 28 days prior to course commencement and before the commencement date 50% refund of tuition fees
    100% refund of material fees
    Withdrawals notified in writing and received by SIBN on the commencement date or after the course commences No refund of current semester tuition fees
    In case of deferment of course by the student, no refund will be made to the student No refund of current semester tuition fees


  6. This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

  7. In the unlikely event that SIBN is unable to deliver your course in full, you will be offered a refund of all the course money you have paid to date. The refund will be paid to you within 2 weeks of the day on which the course ceased being provided. Alternatively, you may be offered enrolment in an alternative course by SIBN at no extra cost to you. You have the right to choose whether you would prefer a full refund of course fees, or to accept a place in another course. If you choose placement in another course, we will ask you to sign a document to indicate that you accept the placement. If SIBN is unable to provide a refund or place you in an alternative course our Tuition Protection System (TPS). ACPET will place you in a suitable alternative course at no extra cost to you. Finally, if ACPET cannot place you in a suitable alternative course, the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager will attempt to place you in a suitable alternative course or, if this is not possible, you will be eligible for a refund as calculated by the Fund Manager.

  8. Fees not listed in the refund section (part 4) are not refundable. Prior to a student enrolling fees may be altered without notice. Once a student has completed enrolment, fees will not be subject to change for the normal duration of the course. If a course length is extended by the student then any fee increases will be required to be paid for the extended component of the course.

  9. Students wishing to defer the commencement of studies or suspend their studies must complete deferral or suspension form and submit to SIBN. SIBN may decide to suspend or cancel a student’s enrolment on its own initiate as a response to misbehavior by the student. Deferral of commencement, suspension of enrolment and cancellation of enrolment have to be reported to DIBP and may affect the status of a student visa

  10. Students must notify SIBN of changes of address, telephone number, email address and fax number immediately they occur. Failure to do this may mean student do not receive important information which may affect their course, their enrolment or the visa.
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