Advanced Diploma of Accounting [FNS60215]

Advanced Diploma of Accounting (CRICOS Course Code: 089641J)

This qualification reflects accounting job roles in financial services and other industries requiring accounting support functions Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

  • Accountant Manager
  • Budget Manager
  • Internal Control Manager

After achieving the FNS60215 Advanced Diploma of Accounting, students may undertake further study to higher education programs Level

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification; however, Applicant has to complete the Prerequisite units Learners are over 18 years of age. All international students must be able to demonstrate an IELTS 5.5 level of English language or equivalent. They have either completed their education to a level which is equivalent to an Australian Senior High School, College or University

Course Duration

This program is delivered 20 hours /week full time study ,15 hours face-to-face and 5 hours online using Moodle as platform, entirely off-the-job at SIBN campus through a combination of face-to-face trainer-led classes and practical classes involving small group and individual activities.

  • Calendar Year: Forty -four (44) weeks
  • Academic Year: Thirty -five (35) weeks
  • Term breaks: 3x3 weeks
  • Allocated hours: 700 contact hours

Modes of study

Some of the modes of study used at SIBN College include:

  • Tutorial group discussions
  • Lectures
  • Group work
  • Audio or visual presentations
  • Self-directed learning through research
  • Problem-solving

Assessment Methods

This course includes a variety of assessment methods including:

  • Practical demonstration / Observation
  • Questioning
  • Interview
  • Case study/Scenario Problem solving
  • Role play
  • Assignment
  • Written test/Knowledge Test
  • Report
  • Assignments
  • Portfolio
  • Short Q&A
  • Project
  • Presentations

Core Unit

FNSACC604 Monitor Corporate Governance Activities
FNSINC601 Apply economic principles to work in financial services industry
FNSINC602 Interpret and use financial statistics and tools

Elective Units

FNSACC601 Prepare and administer compliant tax returns for legal entities
FNSACC608 Evaluate organisation's financial performance
FNSACC613 Prepare and Analyse Management Accounting information
FNSACC606 Conduct Internal Audit
FNSACC605 Implement organisational improvement programs
FNSACC607 Evaluate business performance
FNSACC614 Prepaer complex corporate financial reports
FNSACC403 Make decisions in a legal context
FNSTPB504 Apply legal principles in corportations and trust law
BSBINM501 Manage an information or knowledge management system
FNSACC603 Implement tax plans and evaluate tax obligations


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